Musk Al Aroosah / Tahara Musk Arabian Attar Ittar Oil Perfume 3ml Alcohol free

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Item Description
3ML (0.1oz), Roll-on seal, easy to use.
This is Very thick musk, It’s Cloudy, Rich, Clean, Musky, Silky texture and Smooth as Cream.
Long-lasting, Alcohol Free. Few drops can provide you with  a sensation of tranquility in your body and mind and spread the odor for longer period. 
An amazing blend of Musk & Rose, created using the finest and most precious ingredients around.  The blend includes a fine grade of Taifi rose to be the most exquisite roses around, infused with musk,  followed by a touch of saffron, white musk & vanilla, providing an extremely sweet long lasting scent.
Imported From Saudi Arabia, best quality of oriental attar.
Note: This is an export product only.

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