Deluxe Quality Winter Thobe 62M

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The word thoub is the standard word for a “garment”. It is the traditional Arabian clothing for men.  Thoub is made of high quality fabrics selected by the most knowledgeable persons in the field and stitched by the best tailors possible. The climate and surroundings of the region was also taking into consideration in selecting the winter fabrics. The winter fabrics consist of different light & dark colors with various unique & best designs suitable for cold season.
Material: Wool Blending, Net weight for each thobe is 750-800g
Wrinkle resistance, and not fluff even after washing many times. Please notice the new thobe is wrinkled by folder-packaging, you may iron it before wearing for the first time.  For the material is wrinkle resistance, if you keep hanging thobe, it need not iron often.  Pleasing to skin. See details picture above.
Keep your Thoub clean, Hand/Machine wash 30 degree, and hanging to dry.
Size: 62M
Length: 158cm
Armpit to Armpit: 60cm
Neck: 41cm

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