Cambodian Cambodi Original Oudh Oil 3ML Agarwood

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Thick, rich, sweet, mildly pungent. Cambodi Agarwood, highly valued for its unique aroma, its awe inspiring characteristics and association to the Divine, is widely used among the religious scholars and sages of times past. 
Fragrance Volume: 3ml (approx) 
Packing: As shown in picture
Gender: Unisex 
Type: Alcohol Free Concentrated Perfume Oil - Attar 
Manufactured by: Swiss Arabian Perfumes 
Country of Manufacture: UAE
Polite Note: If you do not understand Arabian Perfumes Please do not Buy  
Only Buy if you are 100% sure as these are Specialty Ltd Edition Perfumes for Arabian Perfume Lovers
Note: This is an export product only.

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