Al Haramain Incense Bakhour Sandal Wood Ma'al Attar 60g

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Today, with almost hundred stores in the gulf, and thousands of stockists, and fans across the globe Al Haramain is the premier producer and retailer of specialty perfume in the world. And with every bottle, we strive to bring both our heritage and an exceptional experience to life. 
A fresh and Musky hallway incense that brings warmth to your home. It can be burned in the electric bakhoor burner or can be used with a non electric burner.
Net Weight: 60g.
Manufacturer: Al Haramain (made in U.A.E) (ORIGINAL & GENUINE) 
Condition: BRAND NEW & SEALED! Very impressed gift to the one you care about.
Sandal Wood Ma'al Attar  
Glorious Sandalwood doused in a warm perfumed oil. Once burned, it emanates a rugged woody fragrance.
Fragrance notes: Sandalwood, Floral, Amber, Woody, Warm. Mixed with Oudh perfumed oil.

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