THE ESSENCE OF FAITH (English) from Dar-Alsalam Pocket Size

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THE ESSENCE OF FAITH from Dar-Alsalam. 
The Quran and Sunnah Dictate iman(FAITH) to be built on speech and action.They serve as proof for our righteous predecessors' understanding of iman. Iman increases and decreases ans is divided into general articles and necessary requirements. It encompasses, recognizing Allah as the supreme authority, Al-Wala(Allengiance), Al-Bara(Disavowal) and acknowledging Allan's righfulness to be worshiped and doing sacrifice in His Sake. The true believer is the one who benefits from Quranic guidance... ...
Pocket Size. Paperback.
Size: 12*8cm  ( 4.72x3.15inch)
Weight: 80g

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