Rowah (100ml Unisex EDP) Khalis by Lattafa Perfumes

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Honey heart rate of conscious of its charm, a freshly blossomed flower, resonates on the skin with the full fragrance of golden nectar. The condensed drops of priceless sweetness are diademem constellation of spices. To this day, the most valuable among them - saffron - flickers among cloves , firm ginger and light cinnamon pollen, slowly turning the flower into a heavy bracelet, decorated with intricate ornaments of heliotrope and currant leaves. In the crimson glow of the west, faint, red-orange oranges with a resinous tendril are swaying . Their juice drips directly onto cashmere, milky white, giving it a sinful sweetness. The pattern of red syrup is reminiscent of monofilament on unbrushed marble. Tempting sweetness is shared with the rock by its warmth. The magic of the fragrance lies in its dynamism, which in time turns into balsamic registers of fleshy plum , immersed in bitter chocolate and the captivating sweetness of hazelnut nougat . Sensuality Rowah impresses with piquancy, gently giving way to satiny stability. The fragrance slowly wraps around like thick, fluffy strands of a soft scarf in purple and burgundy colors, interwoven with gold thread. It is a perfect fragrance for evenings illuminated only by snow brocade - sensuality breaking the distance, soothing, comforting. Its internal harmony reveals oriental craftsmanship, in which the most valuable ingredients gain an unobvious dimension, and arousing lust - tempting with honey, calming incense, swaying the softness of appetizing and woody notes.

Rowah (100ml Unisex EDP) Khalis - Wholesale Pack

Perfume Brand: Khalis
Perfume Fragrance/Range: Rowah
Perfume Type: Eau De Parfum
Perfume Gender: Unisex
Size: 100ml
Packaging: Boxed

Note: This is an export item only.

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