Portable Mini USB Power Electric Bakhoor Burner

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Incense burner Aromatherapy ignition is a new invention of its kind that ignites incense by its ceramic-made heating element. electronic heating without side effects, environmental protection and safety.
HOW IT USE - Open the lid on the front of the aromatherapy device, put in the aroma strip (not included), close the lid, and plug it in.

USAGE - The portable USB electric burner can be used indoor aroma, worship, hand-held, home

Portable incense burners are small, pocket-sized and easy to carry.
Material: Plastic
Size: 11.5*5*11.5 CM
Color: black
Input: 5V DC 0.8A
Battery: 3.7V DC


Small pieces bakhoor reduce the heating up time.

Do not over-fill or pack bakhoor too tight to restrict the airflow and reduce the smoke production.

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