Oudh Sheikha 25Grams Bukhoor (Bakhoor) Incense By AL Haramain Perfumes

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Today, with almost hundred stores in the gulf, and thousands of stockists, and fans across the globe Al Haramain is the premier producer and retailer of specialty perfume in the world. And with every bottle, we strive to bring both our heritage and an exceptional experience to life.
Incense Name: Oudh Sheikha
Net Weight: 25g
Manufacturer: Al Haramain (made in U.A.E) (ORIGINAL & GENUINE)
Condition: BRAND NEW & SEALED!
Fragrance Notes: Agarwood, Oudh Oil, Frankincense.
Closing your eyes just won’t get you peace. Peace is an inner happiness; and happiness is being home again. In warmth of your dwelling, where memories lingers with the fragrance and smile with its glimpse. Oudh Sheikha’s sweet fragrance will embrace your thought and attain a true peace of being home.. 

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