Muslim Islamic Allah Necklace Pendant Shahada Arabic

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Muslim style pendant is fashion and charm,you can choose it for yourself or your friends.
All handmade jewelry, well polished and one by one quality controlled.
Affordable prices and luxury appearance.
Material: environmental friendly copper, platinum plated. 
Package content: 
1 pendant, paper card, OPP bag.
How to maintain the necklace:
1.Remove the necklace when bathing, swimming and sleeping so as to avoid the contact with chemicals like body wash, detergent and perfume that can chemically react with the necklace and make the surface lackluster;
2.Please store the necklace in a dry and cool place to avoid prolonged exposure to damp air or direct strong sunlight so as to prevent the metal surface from getting dark for contacting with air;
3.Please clean the necklace with clean soft cloth after wearing to protect its distinctive luster.

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