Maqdis B5 Al-Quran Al-Kareem Uthmani Script Arabic

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The Quran, sometimes written as "Koran" is the sacred book of Muslims, who believe that God has revealed His word and message to humanity throughout the ages. The Book of Signs Foundation seeks to bring the Quran's message to you free of the political agendas and anti-Islam polemics that have dominated the airwaves and print media. Our goal is to provide a direct-to-you source of authentic information that brings to light the Quranic message so that you may judge for yourself the source of guidance for over 1.6 billion fellow human beings.

  • UPC:9789834334369
  • AUTHOR:Maqdis Quran
  • BINDING:Hardcover
  • PAGES:631
  • SIZE CM:18x25


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