HAJJ AND UMRAH (English) RULES & SUPPLICATIONS from Dar-Alsalam Pocket Size

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Hajj and 'UMRAH (in English) from Dar-Alsalam. 
BY: Esam Anas   Translated By: Khakifa Ezzat Abu Zeid
This beautiful booklet - a guide to what is permitted [lawful] for the one performing Hajj or ‘Umrah and what is prohibited, as well as the etiquettes that should be adhered to. Rich Contents as below
Translator's Notes  
The Merits and Obligations of Hajj and `Umrah  
Etiquettes When Intending to Travel for Hajj  
General Etiquettes  
The Conditions of Performing Hajj 
The Pillars of Hajj  
The Pillars of `Umrah  
The Obligatory Acts of Hajj  
The Acts which Are Sunnah  
The Pilgrim is Forbidden to Do These Things  
What Invalidates Hajj 
If the Pilgrim Neglected Going to `Arafah  
If the Pilgrim Misses One of the Pillars, Sunnah Acts, or Obligatory Acts 
The Obligatory Slaughter  
The Fidyah [Ransom]  
Hady [Sacrifice] 
Place of Fidyah, Sacrifice, and Fasting 
Women Who Are in a State of Menses or Parturition  
Performing Hajj on Behalf of Someone 
The Acts of Hajj and `Umrah in Brief 
The Acts Hajj in Details  
Kinds of Ihra-m  
Ruling for Rejecting Ihra-m or Incomplete Acts of Hajj  
Place and Time of Ihra-m [Mawa-qit]  
Entering Makkah  
The Day of Tarwiyah  
Standing at `Arafah  
Staying at Muzdalifah  
Standing at Al-Mash`ar Al-Hara-m 
Throwing Jamarat Al-`Aqabah  
Slaughtering, Shortening or Shaving One's Hair  
Removal of Ihra-m: [At-Tahalul Al-Asghar] 
Tawaf Al-Ifa-dah  
Throwing Pebbles, the Days of At-Tishri-q and Staying at Mina  
Farewell Circumambulation  
The Permitted and the Prohibited Acts in Hajj  
Having Sexual Intercourse  
Clothes of the Pilgrim  
Bathing, Taking Medicine, and Other Physical Needs  
Wearing Perfume and Applying Ointment  
The Hair and Nails of the Pilgrim 
Killing Harmful Animals  
Killing Game  
The Trees of Makkah  
Quarreling and Arguing  
The Rules for Muhsar  
Supplications in Hajj  
Times and Places for Supplications 
Supplications According to the Order of the Rites  
Blessed Places [Sites] to Visit  
Visiting the Prophet's Grave î 
The signs of an Accepted Hajj 
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Page: 384.
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