Ceramic Back-Flow Incense Burner Cone/Stick 5"

Style: HYLL01
Sale price$15.90


The Incense Waterfall, also known as a Backflow Burner, is a ceramic holder with which special incense cones are used. When you light these cones, the smoke glides along the burner to the bottom. It looks like a mountain with a streaming waterfall. Pretty cool!

Ideal for use in home, office or a shop to give a welcoming scent.
It is also great to be used for decorative purposes.


HYLL01 Wide 13.5cm Height 9.7cm

XSCL01 Wide12cm Height 8cm

HTYS01 Wide11.5cm Height 6.4cm

YPYT01 Wide8.6cm Height 9.5cm

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