Black Seed Vaporub 50ml With Black Seed Roll-On

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Hemani Black Seed Vapor Rub Cream [50ml] With Free Black Seed Massage Roll On Oil [5ml].
Black Seed Vapor Rub is a unique blend of black seed effective oil. It is a soothing topical vapor rub to be applied to relieve common cold and flu cases.

Black Seed Vapour Rub. For Common Cold And Muscle Fatigue. For Common Cold And Muscle Fatigue. Unique Blend Of The Black Seed Effective Oil With Other Heating Oils In A Tested Scientific Formula.

It May Be Also Used To Relieve Joint Pain. Not Suitable for Under 3 Yrs. Net Weight 100g For External Use Unique blend of the Black Seed effective oil with other heating oils in a tested scientific formula. Uses A soothing topical vapour rub to be applied to the chest, the neck and the back for common cold and flu cases.

It may be used also to relieve joint pain and muscle fatigue. 100g External use only. For easing of breathing problems Another excellent product Natures Effective

Black Seed Vapor Rub treats coughs and minor aches and pains. Black Seed Vapor Rub has 3 active cough suppressants that are clinically proven to relieve coughs. Apply Black Seed Vapor Rub topically to the chest or neck for cough relief that starts working instantly. Black Seed Vapor Rub Children's can be used on all children ages 2 and older to provide safe and soothing cough relief so they can sleep.

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