Nabeel Bakhoor Adam EDP 100ML Perfume Spray 3.4oz.

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Bakhoor Adam EDP Perfume Spray
TOP NOTES:- Rose, Moss, Vanilla, Leather, Myrrh / Opoponax, Caramel, Bergamot
MIDDLE NOTES:- Saffron, Amber,   Patchouli, Agarwood, Rosewood
BASE NOTES:- Sandal, Oud, Violet,  Sandalwood, Musk, Wood, Cedarwood
Manufacturer: Nabeel Perfumes in U.A.E.
Volume: 100ML
Packing: The fragrance is held in a glass bottle, tinted gold, and with a striking red metallic cap. The bottle is then sheathed in a leather pouch of dark black and bold red.
Designer Review
It is the first fragrance that mankind let escape into Earth as we know it. It is the fragrance that embodies who we are - passionate, adventurous, bold. 
This fragrance is a medley of rose, leather and vanilla top notes, with seductive middle notes of patchouli, saffron and amber. 
The base notes of sandalwood, musk and oud linger on, on your skin, in the world, sensuously
Notice: This is an export product only.

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