Absolu Aventus For Men EdP 75ml by Creed

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Absolu Aventus is an exquisite masterpiece, a rare gem, a tailor-made and artistic interpretation of the legendary fragrance that is Aventus. Derived from the Latin 'Absolvere', Absolu Aventus is a spontaneous creation carried out in total freedom that dissolves the boundaries of Aventus and sets this modern interpretation free.

Absolu is an artist who explores creativity and discovers new elements by playing with existing contrasts. Here, CREED creates an olfactory symphony while staying true to the original fragrance.
A burst of citrus energy is enhanced by a bitter grapefruit note that creates the
powerful and radiant statement that is Absolu. A sophisticated smokiness of vetiver adds dimension and creates strength with a texture that gives way to the smokiness of birch.

Absolu Aventus is a limited-time fragrance with a twist, a treasure to cherish and a symbol of freedom for those who appreciate the extraordinary."


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